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About Us

Heather Loraine Cosmetics was formed in 1994 by the current owners, Dennis and Adrienne Slavens. After farming nearly 2000 acres of jojoba for over 18 years, we recognized that most people didn't know about the benefits of jojoba. Some health food stores carried jojoba oil, but it was over priced and of inconsistent quality. We knew that our experience in the industry gave us the advantage of knowing the processing companies and the quality of raw materials and natural oils.

Natural Skin Care is a Personal Mission

Our Company is named after our daughter, Heather Loraine. She has extremely sensitive skin. Commercial skin moisturizers made her break out. Even fragrances caused her to react. Pure jojoba oil was the only thing that she could use with no reaction, risk free, and that improved her skin. Her favorite companion oils are Apricot and Grapeseed Oils. We knew that there were other people who needed an excellent and natural way to care for their skin without the harmful chemicals and additives in the products that were currently on the shelves.

Hence, our mission statement was born. To provide consistent benchmark quality, pure and natural, chemical free, fragrance free body oils to care for your skin, at reasonable prices. And, to educate people on the benefits and uses of pure oils for skin care, without harmful toxic additives that are absorbed transdermally.

Our motto is: "If you wouldn't put it in your body, don't put it on your body."
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