Healthy skin without all the chemicals?

There is a growing awareness of the need to take control of what we put into our bodies. We are turning, in growing numbers, to organically produced foods and supplements to avoid the chemicals that we now know play a substantial role in many of the health problems of contemporary society.

The same diligence needs to be taken in choosing the products that we use on our skin. It makes little sense to take such care in selecting the foods that we eat and then apply products to our skin that contain chemicals that are known to cause the same health problems that we seek to avoid with diet. As we learn to read food labels in order to avoid harmful chemicals, we must also learn to read and understand the labels of our personal care products.

How we can maintain healthy skin and hair if we are to avoid common skincare chemicals?

Take the same approach to personal care that you take to your food and nourishment. Avoid chemicals as much as possible by reading the labels and choose the products that are the most chemical free. There are products on the market that are completely chemical free such as pure and natural oils as moisturizers.

Natural oils give excellent results when used as moisturizers in that they improve the health of skin as well as controlling and reducing dry skin.  Packaged lotions frequently include glycerin and chemicals as humectants, etc. that give a moisturized “feel” to the skin while in reality they are drying and damaging to the skin. Natural oils penetrate skin and do not leave a noticeable film on the surface of the skin. When used properly, natural oils improve the texture, elasticity, feel, and health of skin.