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3-Piece Lucky Set (Organic)
3-Piece Lucky Set (Organic)

3-Piece Lucky Set (Organic)

$ 40.00
$ 45.00
This amazing gift pack of 3 is a combination of some of the best-selling organics that we have old in over the 30 years of Heather Loraine Cosmetics, we are proud to help many people with their eczema when using these products. This comes in only our 4oz bottles and is wrapped with a bow.

The following oils that are in the gift set are:

Sesame Certified-Organic Oil (4oz)
Jojoba Golden Certified-Organic (4oz)
Jojoba Filtered Certified-Organic (4oz)

These oils are amazing for keeping the skin moisturized, healthy, and redefined using only natural ingredients keeping you as clean as possible.