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Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil

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Grapeseed Oil is high in vitamins E and D, it is an excellent source of essential fatty acids including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. Grapeseed oil is a collagen bonder and may be beneficial in reducing wrinkling. Grapeseed oil is slightly lighter than almond oil, penetrates better and is easily carried into the skin when used with jojoba. Massage therapists frequently prefer grapeseed oil because it lacks the "greasy" feel of heavier oils.
Grapeseed Oil should be used in combination with Jojoba Oil as a carrier oil. The molecule of Grapeseed Oil is shaped like an anchor and it takes longer to penetrate the skin. The molecule of Jojoba Oil is like a strand of hair. It goes into the skin easily and quickly. Used together, the jojoba oil carries the Grapeseed oil with it, deep and fast into the skin. It blends well with ApricotAlmondSesame and Avocado Oils for a custom blended skin or massage oil.

COMMON USES for Grapeseed Oil: 

  • Skincare
  • Body moisturizer
  • Massage
  • Hair dressing

Our Grapeseed Oil comes in 3 sizes: 2 oz and 4 oz and 16 oz.


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